Vigneti Zabù, `Il Passo Verde` Organic Nero d’Avola - Chilled & Tannin

Vigneti Zabù, `Il Passo Verde` Organic Nero d’Avola

Vigneti Zabù

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The Green Step

Tastes like: Red Fruits. Dark Fruits. Spice. Balsamic. Eucalyptus. Black Pepper.

This wine takes you onwards and upwards, green step by green step, a wine that packs a punch. This Nero d’Avola is a delightful find from the heart of Sicily. The best organic grapes went into this wine, all from vines which produce low yields, meaning extra flavour. The wine has been matured in French and American oak for between 6 and 9 months. It also underwent malolactic fermentation. The malolactic fermentation process gives the wine more complex creamy flavours.

The vineyards for this wine are grown on the lakeside of the Lake Arancio, in Sambuca di Sicilia. This creates a special microclimate that helps protect the vines from the beautiful Sicilian sun. Many say Nero d'avila is like a Malbec, so if your a fan of Malbec be sure to add this to your list. 

Organic - Sustainable - Vegan - Vegetarian 

Italy - 2019 - 13% - 75cl


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