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Meet our new Cork Connoisseur @_juniperthewinedog who lives in London with her yoga human, Katrina…

AHHH living for the weekend - when I can spend all day jumping from puddles to piles of crisp autumn leaves, before darting into sunny spots. An afternoon under several blankets with some calming music and a glass or two is time well spent and naps are encouraged, nay expected!

Introducing some of my favourite @chilledandtannin wines - PAWSOME PAIRINGS whatever the weather.

Chilly Friday nights are often spent indoors; cosying up whilst Katrina cooks. We paired DOMAINE DE ROCHEBIN MÂCON VILLAGES with a vegan pizza. This well-rounded chardonnay serves up decent acidity with lots of citrus notes and a cosy toastiness. It cut through the spiciness of the chilis and richness of the vegan cheese enabling my human to roll around on the floor for an hour doing crunches. I reckon you're supposed to do pilates first THEN pizza - but what do I know?

CORK 8/10, withstood chomping and air time for a good 30 mins.

Saturday we popped the B DE BECKER CREMANT D’ALSACE, which is not Champagne, if you care. It’s made in the same traditional method, which is absolutely fine because in my house we LOVE Alsatian wine 🐕

On this particular Saturday it sounded like a million bottles were being popped outside 🎆 tbh the noise didn’t phase me so much as the thought of all those corks going to waste!

This fizz is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Auxerre and Pinot Blanc giving that Champagne feel of zingy bubbles and almondy undertones.

CORK 12/10 - smells good, chomps good, breaks up into tiny pieces and goes everywhere.

On Sunday we sat on the Tube for EVER. All the way from SW to East London - which is a very long way for a leggy pup. It was worth it to spend a few hours walking in the crisp leaves, sniffing new sniffs in tremendous company. We closed the afternoon with a big meal, lots of potatoes and a bottle of FABULA CARIÑENA. The notes of vanilla, spice and blackberry warmed our cold noses and paws making for lots of enjoyable post-dinner head scratches.

CORK 8/10, juicy and chewy but stayed in big pieces instead of disintegrating

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