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Rosé tinted vino - READ the latest write up from our canine cork critic

Posted by Alex GRIEM on

With temperatures rising this week (at last!) Chilled & Tannin tasked our four legged oenophile @_juniperthewinedog to sample some bibulous pink delights from our bodacious wine range... 

Get yourself a wine that can do both - celebration AND commiseration - what?

My human did something ridiculous - signed up for a big scary race. Lots of swimming, cycling and running. I’m all for running but the bikes? No chance.

Off we popped to Wales again, my favourite place, with my favourite people. 

But ..would the humans be able to complete the race? We needed some wine that could be obnoxiously sprayed in celebration, but also have enough depth to drown potential sorrows and embarrassment…

Apparently it's the season for rosé - and we were gifted 3 very different and versatile bad boys from Chilled and Tannin to cover all bases! FYI we ended up drowning sorrows before you ask.. 

Trésor du Dragon Rosé, Domaine de Dragon, Côtes de Provence £19: dragon on the label, big fan. First post race libation…perfect to drown our sorrows. A fierce number making big summer fruits feel grown up, with a seductive bit of citrus and jasmine in there to keep your nose in the glass till it’s done (in big gulps as it turns out)

Cork: 7/10 - looked great but wasn’t allowed to get my chompers on it.


Tavel Rosé Lunar Apogé Domaine des Carabiniers £17: we moved onto this to bolster our spirits. A deep almost cherry colour with a surprising amount of depth underneath the first hit of freshness on the lips.

Cork: 8/10 because I stole it whilst everyone else was moping..


Beacon Down Rosé de Noirs £24 (save £4):  We opened this after I learned to swim - in the sea! The absolute perfect bubbles for a celebration of bravery. Fresh and zingy, and the kind wine that goes pop!

Cork: 10/10 chomp chomp chomp.

So there you go - whatever the occasion this summer, there’s an array of pinks to save the day!

Juniper will return for more cork chomping antics soon x


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