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Good tidings folks! Wally the Walrus here with the first instalment of my new wine advice column for Chilled & Tannin, those bodacious vintners from Cardiff. Lovely boys.

When I made the decision to elope from the Arctic I obviously wanted to seek out a new home where the locals knew a thing or two about vino – so where else to settle but the UK and specifically amongst the Welsh, who recently got voted as having Britain’s most discerning wine palates?!

Now I wanted to tell you, DON’T BE A WALLY WHEN IT COMES TO BUYING YOUR WINES. No, that’s not a piece of self-deprecation 😅  what I mean is it pays off to shop smart, shop independent and shop with a conscience.

There’s plenty of wines in the supermarket that will pair adequately with a plate of raw Tenby pollock but often, finding a decent wine in the supermarket aisles is like finding a shrimp in a shoal of sprats 🦐

Plus my fat flippers are no good at navigating Vivino on a smartphone screen to check the scores 😩

So put your app away and find yourself an independent wine merchant’s shop or website. You’ll thank me later, just look at the benefits...

🌍  more sustainable, organic, ethical and authentic bottles
🧑🏼‍🌾  bottles from smaller and family owned growers and producers (who’ll also get a fairer price for their wine)
ℹ️  loads more information about each of the bottles than you’ll ever get from a supermarket price sticker
🙋‍♀️  personal recommendations and advice
🍇  more unusual grapes and less generic wine styles
😇  the feel good factor of supporting indies and small businesses
🏴‍☠️  honest pricing without misleading price promos and unscrupulous offers from noisy corporate wine subscription seagulls
📦  local wine merchants often ship wine NATIONWIDE

What’s more, merchants like Chilled & Tannin are trying to be more sustainable themselves. Rhod and the boys now PLANT A TREE FOR EVERY ORDER THEY RECEIVE, helping to stop my homeland from melting away all together. 🌲 🌍

Right, I’m off to uncork a bottle Petit Chablis to go with some discarded cod and chips I found round the back of the lifeguard station.


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