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Montgomery Rondo, Powys Montgomery

Montgomery Rondo, Powys


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Generations of Welsh wine ...

Tastes like: Blackberry. Smokey. Black Cherry. Spicy. Plums. Velvet Tannins. 

“Our vision is straightforward. We live to create the finest signature wines from Wales. From vine to wine, we target perfection ” And oh boy do they deliver.  We have fallen for this stunning bottle of Welsh red wine. A stunning example of the up and coming Welsh wine scene - this is a supple and gorgeous wine that is perfect on a Sunday afternoon with some fine Welsh lamb.  

In 2012, Montgomery Vineyard began its journey to create the finest signature wines of Wales. Their vineyard is based in a unique part of Wales, the garden of Montgomeryshire. A passionate understanding of geology, uncompromising south facing terroir and an unwavering vision to create quality Welsh wines define Montgomery Vineyard.

Quintessentially Welsh, they have hand planted vines and hand picked grapes to encapsulate the quality of their wines. A deep respect for the wine making process and understanding of time means they release the wines when they are ready.

And as they say .. 'As a family-run vineyard, we don't think in years. We think in generations .. 'Bravo Montgomery Vineyards. 

WALES - 2021 - 11.5% - 75cl

Hand Picked 

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Easy drinking

Pleasant but a bit too much like fruit juice. Very light, little tanin.

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