Vino di Tavola Rosso "DISOBBEDIENTE", Monte dall'Ora, Valpolicella - Chilled & Tannin

Vino di Tavola Rosso "DISOBBEDIENTE", Monte dall'Ora, Valpolicella

Monte dall'Ora

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The disobedient one...

Tastes like: Wild cherry. Red fruit. Smooth tannins. Easy Drinking.

This litre bottle of natural wine comes from the famous hillsides of the Valpolicella region but as the label suggests these rebellious farmers play by their own rules.

It's a terrific wine. 60% Corvinone & 40% Molinara grapes, grown without any nasty chemicals and following biodynamic principles. Alessandra and Carlo Venturini pick early for freshness and lower potential alcohol and have a hands off approach resulting in a fun and lively wine. 

Ideal for when you have your disobedient family and friends over. If you're feeling particularly rebellious then try serving it slightly chilled.

Italy - 2019 - 11.5% - 100cl

Natural - Biodynamic - Organic - Low Intervention - Wild Yeasts - Unfiltered - Vegetarian



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