Goats do Roam, `Goats do Roam` White, Paarl

Goats do Roam

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Sh*t Just Goat Serious

Tastes like: Zesty. Lemon. Peach. Floral. Acidic.

Legend goes that some cheeky members of Fairview's family escaped. The Caped Bearded crusaders helped themselves to some of the finest, ripest fruit available. Their selection thus inspired these beautifully blended wines. Ensuring the legend of the 'Goats do Roam' will live on forever.

This wine comes from the long history of wine making from Paarl. It is thought wine has been made in this location since 1699 and is potentially first made by one of the French Huguenots that had fled persecution in Europe. Previously known as Bloemkoolfontein (‘Cauliflower Fountain’). We agree with current Owner/Vintner Charles Back, that it was a good thing to change the name. 

This wine offers up some complex aromas for ones nose, floral with notes of lemon and peach. Followed by a sumptuous medium bodied palate. Stone fruits and citrus notes shine through leaving a lingering acidity. 

South Africa - 2019 - 13.5% - 75cl

Fairtrade - Vegan - Vegetarian


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