Champagne Drappier Cuvée Charles De Gaulle Brut, Urville


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"How do you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?" 

Tastes like: Apple. Dried Fruit. Nutmeg. Fresh Citrus. Candied Fruit. Toast.

Drappier was the favourite Champagne of France's most famous liberator and leader, General Charles de Gaulle.

He went on to govern France and famously compared the nation’s perplexing array of cheeses to the complications of ruling the French public.

Made in his honour this special organic cuvée ticks all the boxes for us too. Drappier embraces natural cultivation in the vineyard using horses to plough and till the soil, encouraging cover crops between vine rows and using only natural fertilisers.

This is a low sulphur Champagne with minimal intervention and Drappier have also worked hard in recent years to become truly sustainable - reducing their carbon footprint with a solar powered and gravity fed winery. 

This Pinot Noir (80%) dominant champagne has extreme complexity, freshness and finesse and as much character as Monsieur de Gaulle himself. 

An aromatic bouquet reveals dried fruit, spice and citrus and on the palate it is full of complexity and refinement with persistent bubbles and a distinctive finish.

No doubt it would pair very well with all of those cheese varieties too!

France - 2019 - 12% - 75cl

Organic - Low Intervention - Low sulphur - Vegan - Vegetarian - Horses

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